What’s the Best BMW Drift Car?

What’s the Best BMW Drift Car?

RWD – that’s the essence of drifting, sure. But it’s also down to vehicle chioce and driver skill. If you want to make BMW your drifting machine what should you be aiming at?

Most of us (unless totally loaded!) will be thinking of an older model, but forget the old 6 and 7 series cars. These were luxury consumer models and would need a lot of weight stripping out and the suspension changing – probably why no one drifts these models.

A good place to start might be an older 3 series. Proven racing pedigree here, plus these models are becoming increasingly affordable and available. Parts are no longer expensive. If going for an old E30, the lighter 1.8 litre is the choice – it will outperform the heavier 2.0.

The real BMW drift cars are the Z3 and Z4. You may pay a little more but these cars are where it’s at for sideways fun. The ///M coupe is the one to go for if you can afford it.

Whatever you choose, we can help with the BMW badge styling!


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